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Jeremy Smith

I am a proud father of two awesome kids! My daughter Hailey is 6 and my son Cooper is now 3. Following my second paternity leave, I decided to put myself out there and share my experience. My goal is to encourage more dads to take time off to be with their families during that critical early stage. That might mean taking a leave or it might mean just being present in the moment. When I am not at home playing with the kiddos, I am usually hard at work in the financial services industry. I attended the University of Delaware for both under and post grad degrees. Following a foray into the Austin tech scene I returned to the great state of Delaware, but my heart is firmly planted in the blue part of London. Let's go Chelsea FC! On the weekends there is nothing I love more than taking a family walk to the park. Please feel free to shoot me an email anytime. And thank you for participating in our course!

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